Bloch Adult Phantom Stretch Canvas Jazz Shoes S0473L


This ultimate stretch canvas split sole jazz shoe by BLOCH reflects the shape of the foot and holds the shoe firmly in place.

  • Four-way stretch canvas reflects contours of the foot, giving a streamlined fit while being extremely comfortable

  • Combination of suede and rubber outsole allows for spin without slipping

  • Stretch canvas upper with elasticated binding

  • Reflects the contour of the foot, enhancing the arch

  • Combination suede/rubber split sole

  • Revolutionary moldable suede front sole assists in turning, spins when up turning but brakes when flat and gives the dancer control for stopping

  • Forefoot sole design provides excellent slide and controlled grip

  • Elasticised binding

  • Combination suede/rubber split sole

  • REVOLUTIONARY moldable suede front sole for feel-the-floor action, allows spins when up turning but brakes when flat

  • Split sole design

Sizing: For women we recommend choosing 1 size up from your women’s street shoe size. For Tweens/youth we recommend choosing two sizes up from your street shoe size.

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